Thursday, August 24, 2017

The "Mistakist Declaration" by Harmony Korine

1. i have never been one to gravitate toward the labelling of things. But i feel forced to declare my adherance to a mode of creation known as "mistakism"

2. i am a "mistakist" and all the work I produce adheres to the tenants attached to the label/movement.
3. (factors involved include)
4. All modes of work exist to produce a single body of work. each facet builds upon the other.
5. you can never differentiate between the seperate modes of creation.
6. A completely unified aesthetic.
7. Mistakes are good.
8. there is no such thing as a true mistake. only a more modern rethinking.
9. Suicide is a show of strength.
10. only in randomness and "mistakes" can one truely announce what is too deep to express in a direct and true way.
11. football games, science projects and explosions.
12. rather than direct a scene - document the action
13. Provocations
14. Heritage - Lineage - Prejudice.
15. grammer means more when words are mispelled and used incorrectly in the traditional sense of the word.
16. ----------------
17. Jokes without Punchlines.
18. Hermits and rural Lonliness
19. A "Mistakist" must believe in God over all else.

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